Ballistic Test Equipment

Ballistic Test Barrels

H-S Precision is the leading supplier and producer in the world of ballistic test barrels.  The majority of the major ammunition manufacturers use our test barrels for accuracy, velocity, and pressure testing.  Our test barrels are also supplied to numerous U.S. government agencies and foreign governments around the world.  We are the only NATO certified test barrel company.  We offer test barrels from a small diameter frag barrel up to a .50 cal BMG and every caliber in between.  Every barrel is made from 416R stainless steel and featuers our proprietary 10X cut rifling.

Our barrels are manufactured with teh same exacting specifications as our Pro-Series match grade rifle barrels.  The main difference is that all ballistic test barrrels munst conform dimensionaly to SAAMI, CIP, or military drawings.  WE use only 416 R stainless steel that is heat-treated and stress reliefed to our specifications.  We produce all of our own tooling, such as chamber reamers and rifling heads, necessary to build the best barrel on the market.  We can install any type of pressure port and can supply piezo port plugs and transducer adapters.   


Universal Receiver

Our stainless steel reciever is designed to accomodate anything from a .17 cal up to a .50 cal BMG, including shot shell.    All of which can be fired from one receiver simply by changing the barrel.  The UR features an open breech face design with a quick access barrel locking nut.  The firing pins and plate can be changed quickly and easily allowing the user to switch from small caliber pistol testing to large caliber rifle testing in a matter of minutes.  The cartidge is manually loaded in the to chamber of the barrel, the breech is closed, and the UR is fired by pulling a lanyard.  The UR features a mounting bracket that allows it to be bolted to any solid surface.  For those that need a more versatile platform we offer a universal receiver stand wtih windage and elevation adjustments.  For exacting specications we also provide a laser aiming system that is mounted directly to the top of the reciever that features micrometer adjustments with a high intensity laser.