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H-S Precision RifleThere is not a firearm manufacturer in the world today that builds a more accurate and reliable rifle than H-S Precision.  Why?  Simple, at H-S Precision we have engineered and designed every component specifically for our rifles.    We build our own chamber reamers, rifling heads, tooling fixtures, dies, mandrels, molds, and everything else we need to make the above statement true.  We build our own actions, barrels, triggers, bolts, and stocks.  We control every aspect of our production facility and we never have to rely on someone else to supply us with a component that may not meet our quality control standards.  If you look at most custom or semi-custom rifle manufacturers they simply put aftermarket components together.  They start with an action, install an aftermarket stock, barrel, trigger, and call it their rifle.  By building every component in house we can ensure precision, H-S Precision!    

Makes and Models

We offer light weight hunting rifles to heavy tactical rifles and everything in between.  All of which feature our own action, barrel, bolt, trigger, floor metal, magazine box, and stock.  Our rifles are built on our Pro-Series 2000 stainless steel action.  The action features a 3 position safety, two lug bolt with H-S Precision Riflean oversized extractor, larger recoil lug, and are drilled for 8x40 base screws. Our stainless steel cut-rifled barrels feature our proprietary 10X cut-rifling method.  The trigger is fully adjustable from 3 to 5 lbs and designed to eliminate any type of creep or drag.  It is one of the crispest, cleanest breaking, triggers on the market today.  The floor metal and magazine box are specifically designed for our rifles and include an additional front catch for positive engagement.  The center-feed/center-stack magazine box ensures reliable feeding regardless of caliber or bullet selection.  The foundation of our rifles include our Pro-Series® 2000 synthetic stocks.  The stock is built with Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber, polyurethane foam, and contains an aluminum bedding block that is CNC machined specifically for our action.  Each stock is individually custom fit to each individual barreled action.

We guarantee every rifle we produce to shoot 1/2 MOA in 30 caliber or smaller and 1 MOA anything over 30 caliber.  We test fire every rifle before it leaves our facility.  We will send you a copy of the target shot with your rifle, complete with load data, and ballistic information.  If the rifle does not meet our accuracy guarantee we won't ship it!          

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  1. H-S Precision Varmint Pistol

    VP - Varmint Pistol

    The Varmint Pistol is designed for shooting enthusiasts that demand the accuracy of one our rifles but the added challenge of handgun shooting. These single shot pistols are available in right handed only and feature a 15" fluted barrel.
  2. H-S Precision VAR - Varmint Rifle

    VAR - Varmint Rifle

    The VAR, Varmint Rifle is an incredibly versatile rifle and provides an excellent shooting platform for any caliber. The heavy fluted barrel dissipates heat and adds extra stability to help with muzzle jump. Available in any SAAMI caliber, multiple stock options, barrel lengths, and accessories. From small varmint calibers to large magnums the Varmint Rifle can be configured to your exact specifications.
  3. H-S Precision TTD - Take Down Rifle

    TTD - Take Down Rifle

    Pro-Series 2000 stainless steel action, long or short, right hand only, Pro-Series stainless steel floorplate with detachable magazine 4 rounds in the magazine box, SA calibers. 3 rounds in the magazine box, LA calibers. Pro-Series 10X match grade stainless steel barrel, varmint contour fluted 24" heavy contour.
  4. Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle

    Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle


    Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle is based off Tom Houghton's original world record setting bench rest rifle! With three world records, this limited edition rifle is more than just a rifle! These rifles also offer our new receivers with the design to be released to standard production rifles on July 1st, 2017. We are paying tribute to the founder and the roots of our company while showing you a glimpse of the future.

  5. H-S Precision STR - Short Tactical Rifle

    STR - Short Tactical Rifle

    The STR is a light weight compact rifle designed for mobility without sacrificing accuracy. This is the "car" rifle selected by law enforcement agencies around the world.
  6. H-S Precision SPR - American Classic Hunting Rifle

    SPR - American Classic Hunting Rifle

    The SPR is our all American classic hunting rifle. This traditional hunting rifle features a Magnum Sporter barrel contour without any flutes. The Classic Sporter style composite stock features a full length aluminum bedding block and standard pistol grip.
  7. H-S Precision SPL - Most Popular Rifle

    SPL - Most Popular Rifle

    The SPL is our most popular selling rifle. It is the back bone of our hunting rifles and is a great all around rifle regardless of what caliber you select. The Magnum Sporter barrel contour coupled with the lightweight stock make this rifle a dream to carry. It's light enough to pack wherever you are headed but has enough mass to it that you still feel like you are carrying a rifle.
  8. H-S Precision RDT | Rapid Deployment Rifle

    RDT | Rapid Deployment Rifle


    The RDT (Rapid Deployment Thumbhole) is a light weight tactical rifle with a fully adjustable length of pull and cheek-piece thumbhole stock. This compact rifle is easy to maneuver and can be adjusted to fit multiple shooters.

  9. 7MM-08 Rem | Rapid Deployment Tactical Rifle

    RDT 7MM-08 Rem | Rapid Deployment Tactical Rifle


    7MM-08, 20" fluted, adjustable length of pull and cheek-piece thumb-hole stock

    (Stock color shown - Green/Tan Camo)

  10. H-S Precision RDR - Rapid Deployment Rifle

    RDR - Rapid Deployment Rifle

    The RDR (Rapid Deployment Rifle) is a light weight compact tactical rifle designed for close quarter operations. It features a 20" barrel and fixed stock configuration that allows the use to be extremely mobile without any unnecessary components.

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