SPL - Most Popular Rifle
The SPL is our most popular selling rifle; it has everything even the most demanding hunter would need.
Technical Specifications

Weight - 7.1 to 7.6 lbs. (actual weight depends on caliber and barrel length)

Overall length - 43.5" (24" barrel, 13 1/2 LOP)

Action - Pro Series 2000

Barrel - 10X cut-rifled fluted

Barrel contour - Magnum Sporter (.650" at a 24" muzzle)

Stock - Composite, action length aluminum bedding block

Feeding system - Detachable magazine box

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204 Ruger
22-250 Rem
220 swift
222 rem
223 rem
223 wssm
224 Valkyrie
240 wby
243 Win
243 wssm
25 wssm
25-06 Rem
257 roberts
257 wby
26 Nosler
260 rem
264 Win
270 wby
270 win
270 wsm
280 ackley
280 rem
284 Win
30-378 wby
300 h&h
300 PRC
300 Rcm
300 Rum
300 wby
300 win
300 wsm
308 win
325 wsm
338 federal
338 win
6.5 creedmoor
6.5 PRC
6.5X284 norma
6.5X55 sweedish
6mm br
6mm pcc
6mm Rem
7 mm-08
7mm br
7mm mag
7mm rum
7mm saum
7mm stw
7mm wby
7mm Wsm
7X57 mauser
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The SPL is our most popular selling rifle. It is the back bone of our hunting rifles and is a great all around rifle regardless of what caliber you select. The Magnum Sporter barrel contour coupled with the lightweight stock make this rifle a dream to carry. It's light enough to pack wherever you are headed but has enough mass to it that you still feel like you are carrying a rifle.

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One of best built accurate rifles out there !!! Review by 300 Win. Mag.Missouri shooter
Have been shooting two different HS rifles, both in 300WM. One shoots Barnes TSX 150 Grain into .250" groups @ 100 yards. The other I shoot 180 grain factory Barnes TTSX also. Once you break in these rifles as prescribed, you are off to the races. This company builds super accurate rifles, and their customer service is second to none. Lots of competition of brands out there to buy, but I am extremely satisfied with my choice. Lots of options available, so you can have yours built to suit your taste, and style. Thank you again to the team @ HS Precision !!!!
Rob in Missouri (Posted on 1/28/18)
Love my HS Review by Matt 300 WSM
I agonized over this rifle for a long time. I wanted 1 caliber to do it all, one rifle I could carry anywhere in North America, one rifle I could work my way comfortably out to 600yrd shots with. This was absolutely it. No heavier than my .270WIN featherweight, in 300 WSM. Worked up loads and have shot sub 0.75 groups at 200 yrds with it. brake is great and really makes for easy days at the range. I could not be more pleased with it - now I just need to get out west for elk! One word of caution, the brake does create a lot of fouling around the muzzle, make sure to remove and clean thoroughly after each session (more when your first breaking in). BTW - followed the instructions exactly form HS on the break in and was pleased with the results. Thanks for a GREAT rifle and hunting partner.
Matt (Posted on 1/1/16)

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